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About Us

Our Expertise

Scraping Box is a premier web scraping company. Our team of experts have a huge experience in providing web scraping services to many global enterprises. We pride ourselves on providing enterprise – grade data extraction services at a competitive price. If you have a particular website in your mind then we can scrape data from that website and provide it to you in an easy to understand format.

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Why us

The best technologies, most experienced team, and guaranteed results - at your fingertips.


We will manage all the challenges and give clean and ready to use data the way you need it.

Flexible Extraction

Export data in any common format like CSV, JSON, XML or directly update your database.

Zero technicality

All technicalities involved like coding, cleaning and quality assurance are taken care of.


We deliver Data at a cost that makes sense for your business.

Quick Turnaround

Depending on how much data is needed, we can give you the result in a relatively short time.

Money back guarantee

All projects come with a 100% money back guarantee