We turn web content into useful data to help you power your business with the data it needs.

Lead Generation

Competitor Analysis

Market research

Custom Solutions

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We turn web content into useful data to help you power your business with the data it needs. Pick the best solution for you :

Lead Generation

Generate leads from business directories or any other source from the web.

Competitor Analysis

Optimize the price of your product and increase sales by monitoring competitor pricing strategies.

Market research

Monitor anything that affects your business and stay ahead of the curve.

Custom Solutions

We can provide analysis, insights, matching, predictive analytics, alerts, any custom solution just for you.

Why us

The best technologies, most experienced team, and guaranteed results - at your fingertips.


We manage all the challenges and give you clean and ready to use data the way you need it.

Flexible Extraction

Export data in any common format like CSV, JSON, XML or directly update your database.

Zero technicality

All technicalities involved like coding, cleaning and quality assurance are taken care of.


We deliver Data at a cost that makes sense for your business.

Quick Turnaround

Depending on how much data is needed, we can give you the result in a relatively short time.

Dedicated support

All projects come with a Fully In-House dedicated support.

Our process

Step 1 : Tell us about your requirements

Let us know your needs . Tell us the url to the website, and a description of what kind of data you want to get. and how often do you need it? And what do you want the output to be?

Step 2 : We review your requirements

Our team of data analysts will take a close look at your requirements and be in touch within 24 hours, we will get you a quote of how much it will cost.

Step 3 : Give us a ‘Go'

And you just relax! If you agree, you can pay us, and we’ll write the customized web scraping script, and perform the data extraction. We’ll give you the data as soon as we’re done.

Our Case Studies

From small one-time project to high volume daily/weekly or monthly data feeds, we deliver.

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